There are profound deficits in how humans, and adults in particular, heal and recover from tissue damage. The alternative to productive tissue healing is the formation of dysfunctional scaring, which underlies chronic degenerative arthritic conditions, chronic autoimmune diseases and the fibrosis associated with the foreign body response to implants.

When the laboratory started in 2001, our research focused on stem cells and clinical translation of tissue engineering technologies. We engineered hydrogels to modulate stem cell function and designed tissue engineering systems that could readily translate to clinical testing.

While successfully moving technologies to clinical testing and finding promising results, we looked closely at the clinical outcomes and (re)considered – what is the right therapeutic target for regenerative medicine?  Are new approaches needed in tissue engineering?  We are now focusing on the immune system as a therapeutic target for regenerative medicine – Regenerative Immunology and Regenerative Immunoengineering.

lab members celebrating Dr. Elisseeff's Morton Goldberg Professorship

National Academy of Sciences - Class III Engineering Sciences

Becoming Prometheus (or Wolverine?): Rebuilding the Body One Tissue at a Time

Lessons in Translation: Regenerative Immunology and Aging